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Medical Equipments

Product Image (Pisces)

ECG Machine

Recording Electrical Activity of Heart 12 channel ECG machine with on screen display

Product Image (Gemini)

TMT Stress Test Machine

TMT Stress Test Machine

Product Image (Scorpio)

EMG Electromyograph

Allengers Electromyograph Scorpio

Product Image (Libra)

Patient Monitors

Monitoring vital parameters of patients like ECG NIBP SPO2 Respiration and Temperature

Product Image (Virgo Sleep Lab)

PSG Polysomnograph

Allengers Polysomnograph PSG

Product Image (Defibrillator)

Cardiac Defibrillator

Cardiac Defibrillator

Product Image (SyringePump)

Syringe Pump

Syringe and Volumetric Pump

Product Image (SurgicalDiathermy)

Surgical Diathermy

Surgical Diathermy